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Super Mario RPG revived on Wii U this week

Better than Mallow.

SNES classic Super Mario RPG will get a re-release this week on Wii U, Nintendo has announced.

The 1996 Super Nintendo title was never released in Europe until its Wii Virtual Console relaunch in 2008 (when European folk had to pay extra as it was an 'import').

Developed by Square in the autumn days of the SNES' life, the role-player was easily missed - but remains one of the best games released for the console over its entire life-span.

It set the stage for Nintendo's Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series to follow, with its mix of Mario characters with traditional RPG mechanics.

Super Mario RPG will launch for download this Thursday, 24th December - Christmas Eve! - for €7.99 (£TBA).

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