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Suikoden Tierkreis DS for Europe

Latest in RPG series out in March.

Konami plans to bring DS role-playing game Suikoden Tierkreis to Europe in March next year.

Tierkreis casts players as an unnamed member of a security force, who must set out to recruit up to 108 heroes to battle The One King. Parties are limited to four characters, mind you, and each of the personalities will have back-stories to uncover and various unique skills to use.

Action is set across parallel worlds, where each new campaign creates a bespoke universe. This is important because Wi-Fi allows friends to send characters into different games, or, more accurately, other worlds. And once there, they can pick up new quests, items, and meet new faces.

The Suikoden series began on PlayStation for Europe back in 1996, and has enjoyed numerous spin-offs to date.

Incidentally, Suikoden Tierkreis will be released across Japan later this month, and throughout the US sometime in February.

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