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Stylish 1920s vaudevillian puzzle/platformer Contrast coming to PC, PSN and XBLA in Q3

The Greenlight success story picked up by Sherlock Holmes' publisher.

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After gaining a lot of interest on Steam Greenlight, the surreal noirish fantasy platformer Contrast has been picked up by Sherlock Holmes publisher Focus Home Interactive and is now set for an XBLA and PSN release in Q3.

Developed by the Montreal-based indie studio Compulsion Games, Contrast follows the exploits of a young girl's seductively-dressed imaginary friend Dawn, who has the slick ability to turn into a two-dimensional shadow when standing next to a brightly lit surface. As such, the player will have to manipulate the 3D environment to create traversable 2D planes on the walls.

While Dawn may be dressed like a cabaret dancer, this isn't just to titilate, but rather plays a role in the story. You see, the little girl's mom is a cabaret dancer, so Dawn represents an alternate version of her as the girl tries to sort out her family issues. I played the Contrast demo at PAX East wherein you sneak into the theater to catch her mom's act and, well... I won't spoil it.

Get a glimpse at Contrast's lavish scenery below in its latest trailer.

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