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Stunning cosmic jazz adventure Genesis Noir is out at the end of the month

On Switch, Xbox, and PC.

Genesis Noir, developer Feral Cat Den's stunning cosmic jazz adventure through time and space, is coming to Switch, Xbox, Steam, and the Epic Games Store on 26th March.

Genesis Noir, described as a non-traditional point-and-click adventure with a focus on "tactile puzzles and exploration", casts players as No Man, a watch peddler embroiled in love triangle with other cosmic beings. As things turn sour, a gunshot is fired by a jealous god and the resulting Big Bang kickstarts creation, sending No Man on a jazz-infused quest across the lifespan of the universe to change the course of destiny and save his love.

Each jump to a new pocket of time and space presents another visually sumptuous vignette - I mean, just take a look at the trailer below - to experiment with and manipulate in order to proceed. "Dial a rotary phone," teases the developer, "destroy a civilisation; plant a garden; improvise with a musician; create life - all in your search for a way to save Miss Mass."

Genesis Noir release date trailer.Watch on YouTube

Genesis Noir will cost $14.99 USD (around £11) when it launches on Switch, Xbox, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. PC players will also be able to purchase a special Cosmic Collection for $27.99 (around £20) which includes the game, an official soundtrack, a digital art book titled An Act of Creation, plus an interactive comic book.

Starting today, 16th March, there's 20 percent off Xbox One and Switch pre-orders, and the discount will remain in place across all platforms and versions during launch week. Additionally, Genesis Noir will be available on Game Pass for Xbox and PC from 26th March.