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Studio Pixel releases free Kero Blaster prologue, Pink Hour

Play as an office worker retrieving documents, avoiding monsters.

Cave Story developer Studio Pixel is releasing its upcoming frog-centric retro platformer Kero Blaster on 11th May for PC and iPhone, but to tide players over until then the developer has released a free prologue for PC entitled Pink Hour.

This standalone demo stars a pink office worker tasked with retrieving documents to avoid angering her boss. With three lives and zero continues, it's a perilous task. It's unclear how Pink Hour will tie into Kero Blaster's tale of a Frog trying to rescue his cat girlfriend, but hopefully it will all make sense in due time.

Watch on YouTube

Pink Hour is only available on Japanese gaming portal Playism, and you need to set up an account in order to play it. The site's in English though, so it's a relatively painless task.

Kero Blaster's PC release will also launch on Playism for $7.99 (about £5) while its iOS port will be $4.99 (about £3).

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