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Cave Story creator reveals his upcoming iOS platformer Gero Blaster

Due this spring, "currently investigating other platforms."

Cave Story creator Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya unveiled his upcoming iOS platformer Gero Blaster.

As detailed by Polygon, the adventure will star a frog protagonist named Kaeru who's tyring to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, who happens to be a cat.

According to Amaya's Youtube page, Gero Blaster is shooting for a May release, though that's just an estimate.

Intriguingly, the indie dev noted that while Gero Blaster is currently an iOS title, he's "currently investigating other platforms." Tyrone Rodriguez, head of publisher Nicalis - who handled Cave Story and is now working on Amaya's Ikachan remake - tweeted a picture of Gero Blaster being played on 3DS. The official Nicalis Twitter account later tweeted, "Do you want Gero Blaster on 3DS and PS Vita?" Naturally, fans replied that they would.

Check out the debut trailer for Gero Blaster below.

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