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Story of Seasons Marriage Candidates: Marriage and romance requirements, Heart Scenes and every bachelorette and bachelor in Pioneers of Olive Town listed

Who will you romance?

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town there are 10 marriage candidates for you to choose from - five bachelorettes and five bachelors. With the inclusion of same-sex relationships, you can romance whichever character you choose regardless of gender.

If you want to marry one of these characters, then you must ensure you meet the various marriage requirements, such as watching your chosen partner's associated Heart Scenes.

Once you're married, you'll be able to have a child with your partner. If, however, you find yourself longing for the single life, you can always get a divorce.

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Pioneers of Olive Town Bachelorettes and Bachelors list: How many marriage candidates are there?

There are a total of 10 marriage candidates - five women, five men - in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Same-sex relationship are included in Pioneers of Olive Town, which means that all 10 marriage candidates are available to you no matter the gender you chose for the protagonist.

You can also date all of the characters at the same time if you so wish.

The five bachelorettes are:

  • Blaire - Works at the Bistro
  • Bridget - Works at the Animal Shop
  • Laura - Works at the Tourist Info Centre
  • Linh - Works at the Flower Shop
  • Reina - Works at the Museum
Blaire, Bridget, Laura, Linh and Reina.

The five bachelors are:

  • Emilio - A local fisherman
  • Damon - Bridget's younger brother
  • Iori - A young man from a faraway land
  • Jack - Works at the General Store
  • Ralph - The park ranger
Emilio, Damon, Iori, Jack and Ralph.

All of these marriage candidates are residents of Olive Town which means, unlike the past games, there are no secret or special marriage candidates available. Instead, you'll just have to be happy marrying a normal person and not a Harvest Goddess who lives in a magical spring.

There will be, however, six additional marriage candidates - three bachelorettes and three bachelors - released as part of the Expansion Pass, which is divided into five different DLC packs.

Friendship Level in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town explained

If you want to get married or even become friends with a character in Pioneers of Olive Town, then you need to raise their friendship level.

You can find the friendship levels for every character by visiting the Resident Information section of your Notebook.

Here you'll see that every character has a set of 10 hearts beneath their name and your friendship level is determined by how many of these hearts you've filled in - zero being the lowest and ten the highest.

The colour of these hearts also differs depending on whether or not a character is a marriage candidate - pink for romanceable characters, orange for those who aren't - making it easy to differentiate between these two groups of characters.

The heart colours differ depending on whether or not the character can be romanced.

If you want to raise a character's friendship level, then you need to talk to them and give them gifts which they like. You'll be able to gage how much a character likes a present by their reaction - just make sure you don't repeatedly give them something they don't like!

You can only give each character one gift per day though, so keep that in mind.

There are a number of universally liked gifts which can be purchased from the General Store, such as Jewellery Ring and Shiny Watch, once they're unlocked. These items do cost quite a lot of money though, so you might want to keep them for residents you truly want to befriend.

You can, however, save money by crafting these items yourself by increasing your Communication Skill and unlocking the recipes for each one. The Jewellery Ring recipe, for example, is unlocked at Communication Level Two and requires five Silver Ingots and one Ruby.

Giving a resident of Olive Town a gift on their birthday is also a great way to increase their friendship level. You can find a complete list of everyone's birthday by visiting the Calendar in your Notebook or by using the one in your farmhouse.

Talking to and building relationships with the characters in Olive Town will also increase your Communication Skill, which will also provide boosts to your friendship growth as you level it up.

Heart Scenes in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town explained

As you raise a marriage candidates friendship level in Pioneers of Olive Town, you'll unlock a series of cutscenes, referred to as Heart Scenes or special encounters, which will help you build a romantic relationship with your chosen bachelorette or bachelor.

These scenes will often include a dialogue choice which will help raise your friendship with the character too.

There are a total of nine Heart Scenes for each marriage candidate and, if you want to marry them, then you need to watch each one. This means that you have one scene for every friendship level you earn with a character, aside from Level 10 which is the proposal scene.

Unlike past instalments in the Story of Seasons series, you don't need to visit a location on a specific day to unlock these series nor do you need the marriage candidate to be in the specific location where the scene takes place. Instead, you simply need to enter the location, the museum for the majority of Reina's Heart Scenes for example, and, if you're at the correct friendship level, then the scene will play.

It's important to note that some of the scenes may cause you to lose a number of in-game hours, so, if you have something planned and get caught in a Heart Scene, you can also use the Pioneers of Olive Town's autosave function to quickly load back to the beginning of the day. This way you'll be aware of when the Heart Scene will play and can activate it when you please.

You can still view the Heart Scenes for other marriage candidates once you're married!

You can still experience some Heart Scenes even if you're married.

Once you've confessed your feelings to your romantic partner, you'll also be able to hang out with them at a number of festivals, such as the Fireworks Display in summer or the Spirit Festival in Autumn.

Marriage requirements in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town explained

If you want to get married in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, then you need to fulfil a number of requirements both with your farmhouse and your marriage candidate of choice.

Farmhouse Requirements

When you first settle on your farm, you'll find yourself living in a small tent and, while you may find that comfortable, your girlfriend or boyfriend will disagree. For this reason, you must have at least built the Log Cabin, the first house upgrade, before you can get married.

Thankfully, this is quite an easy feat to complete and you can easily build the Log Cabin during your first days on the farm, since it only requires:

  • 20 Logs
  • 2000G

Building the Log Cabin will also allow you to own one pet.

There are two further upgrades for your house, both requiring more money and rarer materials, but they are not necessary for marriage. Still, if you want to own more pets or simply want nicer living conditions, then upgrading your house is the activity for you.

Marriage Candidate Requirements

If you want to get married, you, obviously, need to court your chosen love. The first step in this process is to confess your feelings, which requires you to raise their friendship level up to six hearts and watch the first five of their special Heart Scenes.

You can check your relationship level at any time by opening your Notebook and scrolling to the Resident Information section. Though it won't keep track of which Heart Scenes you've witnessed, so you'll have to do that yourself.

Once you've achieved these goals, purchase a Confession Pendant, which costs 10,000G from the General Store, and give it to your preferred partner. If all goes well they will accept the pendant after you've watched a short cutscene.

Next, you need to raise your new boyfriend or girlfriend's friendship level to 10 hearts by continuing to give them gifts and talking to them. You will also have to watch an additional three special Heart Scenes connected to your romantic partner.

After watching these scenes and maxing out your friendship level, it's time to propose.

How to propose marriage in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town follows the series tradition by having you propose by giving your love interest a Blue Feather.

You can purchase a Blue Feather from the General Store for 20,000G.

Before giving it to your romantic partner, remember to ensure you've met all of the marriage requirements outlined above or else you might not like the answer you're given. If your proposal is accepted, you'll watch a cutscene of your chosen marriage candidate happily reacting to the question.

Once your marriage proposal is accepted, you'll be given the option of three different wedding dates by Victor the next day. The first date offered will always be roughly five to six days away from the one you're currently on, with the rest being randomly selected.

It's important to note that your wedding ceremony will take up an entire day, meaning you can't work on your farm or talk to any villagers during this day. For this reason, it's a good idea to take into account what you might have planned on this day, so you don't miss anything important like a villager's birthday if you're trying to increase their Friendship Level.

Victor will ask you to confirm this date just so you're doubly sure about your decision.

He will then take you to his office where Karina will have prepared four different outfits for you to wear on your wedding day - one dress and three different suits. Pick whoever one you prefer and you'll return to your farm.

These clothes will be available from the Beauty Salon after your wedding, though you will need to find the materials to craft them.

You can't decide what your marriage candidate will choose to wear, but each one does have a unique dress or suit.

Now all you have to do is wait for the big day! As we mentioned, the ceremony will take a whole day and, once it's over, your partner will move into your house.

Marriage in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town explained

After the marriage ceremony in Pioneers of Olive Town, your new partner will move into your farmhouse, bringing a double bed and a cabinet for their clothes with them. Their character bio in the Resident Information section of your Notebook will also reflect the change in your marital status.

You can find your spouse's closet in your house once you're married.

Sadly, despite moving to a farm, your spouse won't help out with farm work. Instead, they will carry out a similar routine to the one they had before, including continuing any job they might have previously had, such as working at the Museum or the Animal Shop.

You can, however, have a child with your spouse, which involves continuing to raise your Friendship Level with your new spouse.

In the Resident Information section of your Notebook, you'll notice that your husband or wife will now have five extra hearts beneath their original friendship metre, which raises their max Friendship Level to 15. This upgrade is only available to the person you marry, which is symbolised by how these hearts are rainbow coloured.

These new Friendship Levels are harder to raise than the previous ones, so, if you want to raise them quickly, we recommend giving your partner they're preferred gifts or the universally liked ones, such as the Jewellery Locket.

There are also a number of cutscenes which are exclusive to married life, including having breakfast with your spouse, celebrating your birthday and even one when you return home past 11pm the first time while married.

Finally, your anniversary will appear on the calendar, ensuring you can never forget it!

If, however, you find yourself wanting to return to the single life, then you can always get divorced.

For more help with Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, check out our marriage and romance candidate guide, how to get divorced or have a child and how to find all the tools.

Expansion Pass Bachelorettes and Bachelors for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town explained

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town has an Expansion Pass consisting of five different DLC packs which will be released every month from April to August.

Three of these packs will introduce two new marriage candidates from past Story of Seasons games on the Nintendo 3DS, bringing the total number of candidates up to 16 if you choose to purchase the Expansion Pass.

The Windswept Falls Expansion Pack will be released in May and include two marriage candidates from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, along with two other characters from this past title.

The third expansion pack will introduce the new location called Terracotta Oasis and two marriage candidates from Story of Seasons, as well as an additional two NPCs from this game.

The final expansion pack to be released in August will allow you to visit Twilight Isle where you'll find four characters from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, with two of these characters being marriage candidates.

Good luck romancing your chosen marriage candidate in Pioneers of Olive Town!

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