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Story of Seasons Harvest Goddess: location, marriage requirements and gift giving rewards in Friends of Mineral Town explained

Everything you need to know about your local harvest deity.

The Harvest Goddess is one of the special marriage candidates that you can romance, regardless of your gender, in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

Finding the Harvest Goddess and then fulfilling her marriage requirements, however, can be quite the difficult tasks to say the least.

Though, if you're not interested in marriage, we recommend giving gifts to the Harvest Goddess anyway, because, winning her favour, will lead to you unlocking some very useful rewards.

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Where to find the Harvest Goddess in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

The Harvest Goddess can be found in the spring, which shares the same glade as the Hot Spring and Spring Mine in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

The location of The Spring.

The easiest way to find this glade is to head out of the southern exit for your farm and then, when you reach the crossroads, take the path to your left.

Follow these paths to find The Spring where the Harvest Goddess lives.

You'll now find yourself in a small glade and the Harvest Goddess' Spring is located in the northern part of this area.

How to give gifts to the Harvest Goddess in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

To give a gift to the Harvest Goddess in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town you simply need to toss it into the pond.

The Harvest Goddess will then appear to thank you for your gift or rage if you decided to throw some rubbish into her spring. You can only give one gift a day and you will never get this item back, so choose your gifts wisely.

Depending on how many gifts you give her, the Harvest Goddess will occasionally give you gifts in return and unlock special features in the game, including ones that, in the original GBA version of Friends of Mineral Town, could only be unlocked by connecting to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the GameCube.

If you want to raise your friendship level with the Harvest Goddess, then we recommend giving her flowers and the crops that you can grow on your farm. As long as you don't give her any poisonous food, rubbish or man-made items, like perfume, you'll be fine!

Rewards from gift giving to the Harvest Goddess in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Below you can find every reward you'll unlock from giving gifts to the Harvest Goddess, including exactly how many gifts you need to give in the first place:

Number of GiftsRewardPurpose
10Power BerryIncreases stamina
20Friendship increase with any romantic interestIf you want to marry either the Harvest Goddess or Kappa, then you must choose them from the list
You can only one
30White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
30Van the Travelling MerchantUnlock his shop at the Inn every Wednesday
Unlock his pet shop at the plaza on the 15th of every season
40White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
50White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
50An Interesting BookFound on the bookshelf in the farmhouse
Reading it passes an hour in-game
60White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
70White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
75A Really Interesting BookFound on the bookshelf in the farmhouse
Reading it passes two hours in-game
75LouUnlock Lou visiting the Inn every Sunday
Talk to her to learn new recipes once you've unlocked the kitchen
80White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
90White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
100A Super Fantasting BookFound on the bookshelf in the farmhouse
Reading it passes three hours in-game
100Mine ElevatorAn elevator for both mines that will allow you to return to certain levels in the mine once you've reached them
100White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
110White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
120White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
130White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
140White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb
150Seaside CottageAn extra house, where you can sleep and check the calender
150White GrassSellable, giftable and consumable herb

After you receive the Seaside Cottage, the Harvest Goddess will continue to give White Grass for every 10 gifts you give her.

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Harvest Goddess marriage requirements in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Due to her status as an actual goddess, there are a number of special requirements that you need to complete to win the hand of the Harvest Goddess in Friends of Mineral Town.

Fulfilling these requirements will take a substantial amount of time, so, if you truly want to marry a goddess, you'll want to focus your gameplay around these tasks.

Tell the Harvest Goddess you're romantically interest in her

If you want to romance the Harvest Goddess, then you must complete this step. If you don't then you'll be unable to marry her even if you complete every other requirement.

To tell the Harvest Goddess that you're romantically interested in her, you must throw 20 gifts into her pond. This will take you 20 days in total, but since you're planning to marry her, you'll be visiting her spring every day anyway.

After you've given her the twentieth gift, she'll ask you if you're interested in any of the possible marriage candidates in the game.

You must select the Harvest Goddess from this list.

If you select any of the other candidates, then you'll be unable to marry the Harvest Goddess.

You must select the Harvest Goddess.

Be in at least Year Five

This is by far the easiest requirement to meet - simply ensure that you propose to the Harvest Goddess in the fifth, or higher, year of farming in Mineral Town.

Have a Large Bed

Even though she'll never use it, the Harvest Goddess will only accept your proposal if you have fully renovated your farmhouse and brought the Large Bed.

You can do both of these activities by visiting Gott the Carpenter and supplying him with the money and materials required.

To buy the Large Bed, you must first renovate your house.

Have the Harvest Goddess at a Red Heart Level

The Harvest Goddess does actually need to fall in love with you to accept your marriage proposal. To achieve this you need to ensure that you need to give her gifts every day to keep raising her friendship level.

Her favourite gifts are pineapples and strawberries. She will also happily accept any crop that you grow on your farm, including eggs and milk.

The only issue with this requirement is that, unlike other marriage candidates, the Harvest Goddess' Heart Level is not visible, which means that, unless you're keeping track of the points manually, you'll never truly know when you hit the Red Heart level.

For this reason, we recommend that you give her a gift every day, ideally a crop you've grown, and, hopefully, by the time you've completed all the other requirements, she'll have reached the Red Heart Level.

You can see your Friendship Level with the Harvest Goddess, but not the Heart Level.

Confess your intent to marry the Harvest Goddess

For some reason, even though the Harvest Goddess is the powerful deity, you still need the blessing of Carter, the priest of Mineral Town, to marry her.

To earn this blessing you need to visit the church on either a Monday, Wednesday, any rainy day or any snowy day. During these times you'll be able to find Carter in the confession booth at the back of the church.

You can only give one confession per day and the three options are randomly selected, which means that you will probably have to visit the confessional multiple times before you can confess your intent.

When you do get the option to tell Carter about your desire to marry the Harvest Goddess, there is still a chance that he might refuse to give you his blessing. If this does happen, then return another day to try your luck at the confessional.

Due to the random element of this requirement, it's a good idea to try and complete it as early as possible.

Complete the Shipped Items List

This is by far one of the more time consuming requirements for marrying the Harvest Goddess, but, considering who you're trying to woo, it does make sense.

To complete this requirement you need to ship at least one of every item that's included on the Shipping List, which can be found on the bookshelf in your farmhouse.

Luckily all of the items on this list are already named, so you don't have to waste any time figuring out which items you do and don't need to ship to fulfil this requirement.

You can find the Shipping List on your bookshelf.

Catch every species of fish

Though this requirement may sound simple, catching every fish in Friends of Mineral Town can be quite time consuming, especially when you get to the rarer fish.

Make sure you try fishing in every available water source, this includes the Hot Spring, in every season during different times of the day. You also explore the Lake Mine for an underwater Lake that is home to one of the rarer fish that you need to catch for this requirement.

You must catch every fish.

Find every item in the Spring Mine and Lake Mine

Much like the previous two requirements, you need to uncover at least one of every item that can be found in both the Spring and Lake Mine.

This not only includes the items that can be shipped, but every statue, Goddess Jewel, Kappa Jewel and the Teleport Stone.

Find everything in both the Spring and Lake Mine.

Earn the Goddess Gem

Hidden on certain floors of the Spring Mine are the nine Goddess Orbs and, once they've collected them all, these orbs will combine to make the Goddess Gem.

This gem will recharge your Stamina once you've outside and is yet another requirement for marrying the Harvest Goddess.

The specific floors that the Goddess Orbs will appear on are:

  • 60
  • 102
  • 123
  • 152
  • 155
  • 171
  • 190
  • 202
  • 222

You can only find one orb per floor and the game doesn't keep track of which floor you've found it on, so we recommend keeping a paper list to ensure that you don't accidentally miss a floor.

Buy a Blue Feather and propose

When you've finally completed all the requirements above, head to General Store and buy the Blue Feather that should now be on sale there for 1000G.

Next all you have to do is toss the Blue Feather into The Spring and, if you've completed the requirements correctly, she will happily accept your proposal. If she rejects you, then carefully check through the requirements to figure out which one you've missed.

Once she accepts your proposal, the marriage will occur in seven days' time, so make sure you hire the Harvest Spirits in advance to take care of your crops and animals.

After you've been married, the Harvest Goddess will continue to live in her spring leaving you alone on the farm. Don't worry though, you've married a goddess and, as classical mythology has taught us, this never ends poorly.


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