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Steam's all-time concurrent player peak is broken once again

Steam up.

Another day, another Steam concurrent user record broken. This time, it comes just days after Steam hit 30m concurrent players and sees Valve's PC gaming client clock up a giant 30,049,264 simultaneous players.

That said, whilst that figure comes from SteamDB, Steam itself states the all-time peak is a more modest 30,044,046. In either case, though, it's proof that PC gaming remains on the rise, even if the majority of those players were idling at the time (SteamDB estimates "just" 8.9 million were actively in-game at the time the record was set).

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Steam numbers have been rising since the pandemic began in 2020, with a previous previous peak of just under 30 million set back in March this year.

The most played games over the last 24-hours include Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG: Battlegrounds, but the newly released Modern Warfare 2 takes a respectable fourth place on the chart with a hefty peak of 247,000+ players since it released yesterday.

Lost Ark and Apex Legends follow respectively, which means Modern Warfare 2 is the only non free-to-play game to feature in the top five of Steam's most-played games list today.