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Stealthy murder mop-'em-up Serial Cleaner is sweeping onto Switch later this year

UPDATE: Out next week!

UPDATE, 23/11/17: Developer iFun4All's 70s-inspired stealth game Serial Cleaner will launch on Switch on November 30th. It'll cost £11.99 ($14.99 USD) on eShop, and there's a funky new trailer to accompany the release date announcement:

Cover image for YouTube videoSerial Cleaner - Nintendo Switch eShop Announcement Trailer - Europe

ORIGINAL STORY, 11/10/17: Murder scene mop-'em-up Serial Cleaner is on its way to Switch and will reach the system before the end of the year, developer iFun4All has announced.

Serial Cleaner, a 70s-inspired stealth game, replete with appropriately funky soundtrack, launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 earlier this year to generally favourable reviews.

It casts you as a dashingly moustachioed professional "cleaner" (the shadowy criminal kind), and tasks you with infiltrating a succession of cartoonishly ghoulish murder scenes in order to mop up all evidence of wrongdoing before the cops can sniff it - or you - out.

Cover image for YouTube videoSerial Cleaner Announcement Trailer

Serial Cleaner is the latest in sudden flurry of indie games to leap enthusiastically onto Nintendo's Switch, which is rapidly become a treasure trove of top-tier indie delights.

The little handheld hybrid has been graced with the likes of Golf Story, Stardew Valley, Steam World Dig 2, Thimbleweed Park, and Axiom Verge in recent weeks alone, and there's plenty more, including Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, and Super Meat Boy Forever, to come.