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Stealth Bastard Deluxe out on Steam end of November 2012

Cult hit expanded with new features.

Indie game Stealth Bastard Deluxe launches on Steam at the end of November 2012, Curve Studios has announced.

The fast-paced masochistic stealth game first released for free via the Stealth Bastard website a year ago. It's seen over 125,000 downloads.

Deluxe builds upon that game, with a new narrative that reveals the origin of the character, and a level editor. You can share and rank levels with the community, and an online leaderboard will track and rank your progress.

There's new equipment and a real-time shadowing system, too.

"We were amazed at the success of the original Stealth Bastard," said designer Jonathan Biddle.

"What was originally just an exercise in trimming the fat off existing stealth mechanics has grown into a phenomenal cult hit.. "The free version of Stealth Bastard, was only ever a sketch; an incomplete vision of what we really wanted to do. With the new release on Steam, we've now been given the opportunity to build on the original's foundations, and broaden the gameplay experience in every area. I can't wait to plaster brand new grins across the faces of existing Stealth Bastard fans, as well as new ones."

While Deluxe launches on Steam next month, the free version will remain available to download from the Stealth Bastard website but won't be updated.

Screenshots of the Deluxe are below.