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Square Enix Masterpieces trademarked

HD remakes on the way?

Square Enix has trademarked the term "Square Enix Masterpieces" across Europe - leading some to speculate it plans to re-release its classic games for the current generation of systems in high definition.

NeoGAF user "miladesn" spotted the trademark.

What does Square Enix have in mind?

In its financial year 2011 report the Japanese publisher revealed plans to "digitize" its "catalogue titles". Could Square Enix Masterpieces have something to do with this?

Earlier this year Square Enix released HD revamps of Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary, and Tomb Raider Underworld as the Tomb Raider Trilogy.

Some have speculated that Square Enix Masterpieces may relate to a plan to do something similar with classic Square Enix games, such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX.

More likely, however, is that the phrase refers to the re-release of old games for new platforms. In Japan, Masterpieces was used for a complete collection of Kingdom Hearts games called Kingdom Hearts Trinity Master Pieces.