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Square Enix donates $500k to UN's Ukraine refugee fund

"We sincerely hope that peace will be restored."

Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix has announced it is donating $500k to the UN's fund for Ukrainian refugees.

Separately, the company has also launched an employee fundraising program with matched donations to benefit several other key charities: the Red Cross, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.

"We sincerely hope that peace will be restored, and that those affected by the crisis will regain peaceful life as quickly as possible," Square Enix said in a statement published to Twitter today.

Numerous video game companies have announced donations in aid of the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, caused by Russia's devastating invasion of the country.

Previous large donations were made by The Pokémon Company, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt Red, game engine maker Unity, and THQ/Gearbox owner Embracer.

Looking for ways to help? The Bundle for Ukraine is well worth a look, and has now raised more than $5m in a week.