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Bundle for Ukraine now live on itch.io

UPDATE: Finishes with $6.37m raised.

UPDATE 21/3/22: The itch.io Bundle for Ukraine has now wrapped up with more than $6.3m raised - that's over six times the bundle's original $1m target.

Nearly 450,000 people bought the bundle, which offered almost 1000 games at a fraction of their usual price.

The minimum contribution was $10, though the average contribution was a little higher - $14.17. The bundle's top donation was a whopping $9000 from one person.

Still looking to donate and get some games for a good cause? It's worth taking a look at the more recent, Humble Stand with Ukraine bundle which has raised more than $7m so far.

ORIGINAL STORY 8/3/22: The itch.io Bundle for Ukraine is now live, with almost 1000 games included.

Available for a minimum donation of $10, all proceeds will be split between two charities: International Medical Corps and Voices of Children.

The former provides medical assistance in the region, while the latter is a Ukrainian organisation that supports children coping with the horrors of war.

Of course, you can always pay above the $10 minimum. At the time of writing, the bundle has reached over 50 percent of its $1m target.

There are 991 items in the bundle from 732 creators, including video games, tabletop RPGs, books and more.

Of these products, over 600 have never been available in a major bundle before, with "several prominent developers and publishers signed up to itch.io specifically to be in this bundle" according to the donation page.

"We stand with Ukrainians, and with all people around the world who despise war," it states.

Some highlights from the bundle include platformer Celeste, unique FPS Superhot, retro action RPG CrossCode, puzzle game Baba Is You, the adorable A Short Hike, musical adventure Wandersong, and plenty more.

In similar news, John Romero - designer of the original Doom - has released a new level for Doom 2 in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. He's so far raised over €25k.

A number of other companies have donated to the cause, including The Pokémon Company, Quantic Dream, Bloober Team, and more