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Sporepedia evolves onto Internet

Plus: required specs revealed.

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Maxis has released its Sporepedia into the wild - or more specifically, onto the Internet.

The Sporepedia a community site for Spore, the forthcoming evolution sim from Will Wright. You can upload your beasties or download those created by others, and do the same thing with buildings, vehicles and spaceships.

There are plenty of animals on there already, and you'll be able to add them your stable when the Creature Creator is released next Tuesday.

All you have to do is right-click on the thumbnail of the animal you want to pinch, save it somewhere and then drag that file into the Creature Creator. Simple. And there around 180 to choose from.

Also on the site are plenty of hints and tips about how to put your beasties together, plus lots of questions answered in a lengthy FAQ.

Thankfully it looks as though system requirements for Spore are fairly forgiving, as the team trying its best to make it "accessible to as broad an audience as possible".

Head over to our hands-on with the Spore Creature Creator for an idea of what to expect.

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