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Spooky PSN puzzler Closure is coming to Steam in September

The fate of its European PS3 release remains uncertain.

B&W light-and-shadow-based puzzler Closure is coming to Steam for PC and Mac on 7th September.

This information comes from The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen, who leaked the release date in an announcement to the press about the Basement Collection, which Closure developer Tyler Glaiel worked on.

Closure has previously been available on the US PSN since late March. It was expected to come to Europe on Sony's service as well, but has been MIA.

I asked Glaiel what its status was, to which he replied, "The PS3 EU version is missing because it was taking far too long to get the details for that worked out, and we decided we should focus on the PC launch instead since that will be global. It still may come out on the EU PSN eventually."

When asked about the differences between versions, he noted that the Steam version can run in any resolution - whereas the PSN title was 720p, there will be an unlockable dev commentary mode, and there is basic mod support with internal development tools bundled with the game. He explained "these are not user friendly, if people enjoy them enough we may patch new features related to this in the future."

Closure is a game about manipulating light to alter the environment in a world where that which isn't illuminated ceases to exist. See it in action in a trailer below.

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