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7th September 2012

Closure Review

15th March 2012

Closure PSN launch trailer

25th August 2011

Closure PSN trailer

Closure Review

Closure Review

Of light and darkness.

Closure launched today on Steam. This is a review of the PS3 version, which was released on the PlayStation Store in North America earlier this year. There are no plans for a European PS3 release at present. The PC and Mac version supports higher resolutions and features a developer commentary and some basic mod support, but otherwise it's identical.

Speaking as a lifelong arachnophobe, I recall many a night in my youth when I'd have a hard time sleeping because there was a spider in my room. I'd keep the lights on, lie awake and observe its every move with an eagle eye. If it crawled towards the ceiling over the head of the bed I'd reposition myself at the foot. If it skittered towards that end I'd shuffle back. If it was a particularly restless bugger I'd sleep on the floor. I was a weird kid.

What I eventually grew to realize was that if I turned off the lights and hid under the blankets its presence bothered me that much less; out of sight, out of mind. Of course I knew it was still there, but the lack of visibility warranted a sliver of imaginative protection. Games aren't bound by this troublesome reality, and Closure goes one step further than my feeble "kill the lights" plan ever could - by envisioning a world where that which is in the dark ceases to exist.

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Closure creator on why it didn't come to EU PSN

Not SCEE's fault. "It was a lot of inexperience on our part."

Closure creator Tyler Glaiel gave us the rundown on why his black-and-white puzzler never made it on the European PSN, despite appearing on the US PSN in late March.

Closure PSN release date announced

Closure PSN release date announced

Stylish indie platformer gets a launch trailer.

Monochrome indie platformer Closure arrives on the US PlayStation Network on 27th March, developer Eyebrow Interactive has announced.

It will set you back your local equivalent of $14.99, or $11.99 if you're a PlayStation Plus member.

A firm UK date has not yet been confirmed.

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Closure coming to PSN

Dark indie platformer due next Spring.

Stylish indie puzzle platformer (yep, another one) Closure creeps onto PlayStation Network next Spring, Sony has announced.

GDC Indie Roundup

Monaco, Closure, Trauma, Shank and Vessel.

The Independent Games Festival, the Sundance of the gaming world, threw some classics into the mix this year. Of these Limbo, Super Meat Boy! and Joe Danger need less of an introduction - so here are Eurogamer's five other hot tips from the most worthy (and crowded) corner of San Francisco's Moscone Centre.