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Space Harrier now on Virtual Console

Plus: WiiWare gets new fishing title.

Nintendo has released a trio of treats to download for the Wii and DS.

First up is Space Harrier, now available via the Virtual Console. It's the original arcade version of SEGA's classic shooter and will set you back 800 Wii Points, which is around GBP 7.

Or how about new WiiWare title Fish'em All!, which stars two fishermen called Jack and Walter. They live in a fantasy world where fish leap out of the water all day long. The game also costs 800 Points.

Or for the DSi there's Art Style: Nemrem (500 Wii Points). It's a logic puzzle where you have to match coloured panels with coloured spheres, using the stylus to slide them around. The challenge is to complete puzzles in as few moves as possible.