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Sony will box Freedom Wars for Europe because fans asked

Japan Studio's cel-shaded action role-playing game.

Sony wasn't going to release Japan Studio's Vita game Freedom Wars in shops in Europe, only digitally, but now - because you asked - it will.

"Today I'm happy to confirm that Freedom Wars will now be made available as a full physical edition as well as a digital release, from day one," wrote European PlayStation blog manager Fred Dutton.

"You asked, we listened!" chirped Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter.

Freedom Wars is a cel-shaded action role-playing game about a harsh future where prisoners, condemned all too easily, fight hybrid robot monsters in order to stay alive.

There's an emphasis on online and local multiplayer, and a mechanic based around using a grappling whip called a thorn, which flings you across the battleground and lets you pull monsters to the ground. Different thorns grant different abilities.

The game has only just been released in Japan.

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