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Sony Japan game Panopticon is Vita game Freedom Wars

A multiplayer rescue action game, whatever that is.

Panopticon, the cel-shaded curio being made by Sony Japan, has turned out to be a game called Freedom Wars for PlayStation Vita.

It was revealed on the Japanese PlayStation Network in a new video, reported sgcafe - that video is embedded below.

Panopticon is the name of the world, and Freedom Wars takes place some 100,000 years in the future, when everyone arrested and accused of a crime is found guilty - every single one. Those prisoners are sentenced to fighting huge monsters, obviously.

The 1,000,000th prisoner, a baby born there, seems to be of specific importance - perhaps it's the character you'll play as?

Freedom Wars is described as a rescue multiplayer action game, but exactly who you rescue and why is unclear. The game's due out next year in Japan.

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Freedom Wars

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