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Sony reportedly discontinuing PS Plus retail cards

Ahead of revamped launch this week.

Sony is reportedly discontinuing PS Plus retail cards from stores ahead of the launch of its revamped subscription service.

The cards have been available to top up PS Plus membership for one, three, or 12 months, but as spotted by Polish site they're no longer available.

The move coincides with the launch of Sony's new subscription service this week, which has multiple price tiers - making the old retail cards somewhat obsolete.

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In the UK, VGC spotted that the retail cards are still being sold at Currys, but are no longer available at Amazon, Game, Smyths or Argos. Instead they're only offering PSN store gift cards.

On the PlayStation website the PS Plus gift cards are still listed, but the link instead takes users to PlayStation Store gift cards.

It's unclear yet what the future holds for retail cards. Will Sony release new PS Plus retail cards pertaining to each tier? Or will existing PSN store cards be valid?

PS Plus launches in the UK (plus Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) this Thursday. We've got the full list of games available here.

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