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Sony making "break apart" PS3 pad

Wants to capture Wii enthusiasts.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony is busy making new controller for PS3 that breaks apart into two bits, each containing an accelerometer like the Wii remote, reports.

It's a little unclear when the pad will be officially unveiled, but sources said working models have already been shipped off to some developers.

The potential for new game types to made should open the PS3 up to the kind of audience Nintendo has been so successful at selling to with its Wii machine.

Sony will be hoping that alongside Blu-ray becoming the de facto high definition disc format and PlayStation Home ready to roll out later this year, motion-based games will help sell more PS3 machines.

The PS3 did originally launch with motion-sensing functionality in the Sixaxis pad, albeit in a limited manner. And this was at the expense of rumble, which is to return in the DualShock 3 pad to be released in Europe sometime this year. Hopefully.

Sony declined to comment on the matter at the time of writing, although an announcement is expected soon - making an E3 unveiling a strong possibility.

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