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Sony launches European PS blog

Four more languages to follow.

Sony has finally launched a PlayStation Blog for Europe, nearly two months after it shut down dear old Three Speech.

The platform holder will be hoping to emulate the success of its US equivalent, which is a regular stomping ground for big-name developers talking up their games and making exclusive announcements direct to the console community.

In the opening post on the European blog, Sony's Charlotte Large promises to share "the latest PlayStation news, interviews, trailers, event coverage and much more with a European flair". Back off. "Everything will come firsthand from people who work here at SCEE, in the development teams and across our third parties."

What's more, there will be contests - so hopefully key giveaways and other things previously only available through the US blog - and those of you reading in France, Italy, Germany and Spain will get your own local-market versions of the blog "in the run-up to GAMESCom this August".