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Sony announces EyePet & Friends

Go ape.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's oddball PlayStation 3 petting sim returns "later this year" with EyePet & Friends, the platform holder has announced.

This time around, you'll have two weird cat/chimp things to deal with. There's full Move integration and a bunch of new features promised.

"In the new EyePet, there's a whole new world of customisable fun to be had," explained brand manager Rebecca Maschke on the PlayStation Blog.

"Need a new toy to keep your furry friend entertained or a new outfit for a special occasion? No problem! Head over to the Creativity Centre where you'll be able to expand the world you and your EyePets live in as you use your PlayStation Move controller to create and customise your very own content."

There are also new content sharing options that let you connect with other proud EyePet owners and show off your little critters.

The original game launched back in 2009, with Move support then added last year.

"If you find the concept attractive then there's certainly enough here to warrant further investigation and, when everything clicks, it's as charming an experience as you'll find on the big-boy consoles," wrote Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead in his 6/10 review.

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