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Sony announces EyePet & Friends

Sony's oddball PlayStation 3 petting sim returns "later this year" with EyePet & Friends, the platform holder has announced.

This time around, you'll have two weird cat/chimp things to deal with. There's full Move integration and a bunch of new features promised.

"In the new EyePet, there's a whole new world of customisable fun to be had," explained brand manager Rebecca Maschke on the PlayStation Blog.

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Your Move

PS3’s back catalogue gets motion sensitive.

If you've been keeping a weather eye on PlayStation Move coverage, you've probably come to the conclusion that Sony's latest foray into motion control is an extremely competent peripheral in search of genuinely good games. Luckily, the PlayStation 3 already had some genuinely good games knocking about, and now some of them have had Move support patched in.

EyePet sequel on the way this year?

EyePet sequel on the way this year?

Catmonkey thing to get little brother/sister.

A second instalment in the EyePet series is on the way, according to Gamekyo.

Our new best friend Cyrille from Eurogamer France has done the translation for us. "After enchanting babies (a lot) and adults (a little less), EyePet will return on PlayStation 3 - probably this year," the article says.

"George Fornay (vice president of Sony Europe) made the announcement in a recent interview, saying we can expect the launch of a second episode, which is still a work in progress, soon."

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