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Someone is building Spirited Away's entire world in Minecraft

Anime be one of the best creations we've seen.

A talented Minecraft fan is re-creating the entire world of Oscar-winning Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away.

Alan Becker already has a large portion of the project complete - it's taken him "a few years", he explained in a gallery of images posted to Reddit.

"I'm making the entire world - the place where they stop the car, the field, the ghost town, the field, the train tracks and finally the house in the swamp.

"The bath-house will include everything in the movie, including the bathing area, the boiler room, dormitories, Yubaba's office, guest rooms and even things you won't see in the movie."

You can now download a version of the world to explore via Minecraft on PC for yourself.

Becker has taken hundreds of screenshots from the film which he uses as reference points for his creations. He's also begun filming video tours of his world and posting them to YouTube.

And he already has eyes on the future. "If all goes well, as the Spirited Away project approaches its conclusion new Miyazaki projects will be proposed and begin to take shape," he concluded. "More on this later."

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