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SOE pulls plug on The Matrix Online

MMO's servers to close in July.

Daniel Myers, producer of The Matrix Online, has announced that Sony Online Entertainment will be closing down the MMO on 31st July 2009 after running it for four years.

In a post on the official forum, Myers said it had been a "long, strange trip", and promised the game's tiny but fanatical community a special "end-of-the-world event".

"It has been a good run. Where many games have fizzled out before or shortly after launch, by August we will have lived on in our home at SOE for more than 4 years. To this day, I have never worked with a community as dedicated as The Matrix Online community," Myers said.

The death knell for the unsuccessful MMO sounded earlier this year when designer and game master Ben Chamberlain moved on. Chamberlain had been single-handedly responsible for content updates to The Matrix Online for some time.

SOE picked up The Matrix Online from original developer Monolith shortly after its launch in 2005, as part of a deal with rights owners Warner Bros. to produce a DC Comics MMO - which we now know will be DC Universe Online.

Although SOE hardly turned the struggling game around, it stuck by it and its community for four years.

Myers goes on to work on promising spy MMO The Agency, which is being developed in the same SOE Seattle office that maintained the Matrix.

Blue pills all round.