The Matrix Online

SOE pulls plug on The Matrix Online

MMO's servers to close in July.

Daniel Myers, producer of The Matrix Online, has announced that Sony Online Entertainment will be closing down the MMO on 31st July 2009 after running it for four years.

Matrix Online loses key (only) designer

Story guru takes red pill after seven years.

The tiny team at Sony Online Entertainment that keeps The Matrix Online up and running has just lost a key member. Ben Chamberlain, a.k.a. Rarebit, has announced he's leaving after seven years on the game, in a forum post spotted by Massively.

No Station Cash for SWG, Vanguard

SOE item sales stay in EverQuest 1 & 2.

Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has told Massively that there are no plans to bring the Station Cash item sales just introduced to EverQuest and EverQuest II to SOE's other current games.

Fear and Levelling in Las Vegas

Eurogamer goes gonzo at Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire.

I have an admission to make: even though I've played MMOs for years, I guess I believed the stereotypes, and I expected Sony Online Entertainment's annual Fan Faire in Las Vegas to be filled with shuffling, socially-awkward freaks with poor dress sense, using obscure science-fiction references to mask their conversational inadequacy. The reasons for this are quite simple: having played MMOs for years, I'm a shuffling, socially-awkward freak with poor dress sense, and I use obscure science-fiction references to mask my conversational inadequacy.

Dates announced for SOE Fan Faire

Dates announced for SOE Fan Faire

Sixth Sony event heads to Vegas in August.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the date and location for the sixth of its annual Fan Faire conventions.

Fan Faire 2008 will take place at the Las Vegas Hilton over four days, from August 14th to 17th.

Tickets go on sale later this spring, but the hotel can be booked now at a discount rate. Check the official announcement for details.

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Matrix Online shrinks

Another blow for Neo and co.

The Matrix Online has taken yet another misfortunate turn after critical beatings and commercial indifference its online gameworld has now shrunk by two-thirds.

Sony acquires Matrix Online

And rights to DC Comics MMO.

Following earlier rumours of a deal between Sony Online Entertainment and Warner Bros., it's been confirmed that the EverQuest creator has taken MMO The Matrix Online off the hands of developer Monolith.