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Slow sales delay Natsume's 3DS games

US Harvest Moon fans will have to wait.

Natsume has pushed back a couple of its 3DS titles to give sales of the system a chance to pick up, the publisher has confirmed.

A spokesperson for the publisher confirmed to Nintendo World Report that Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove will now launch in the US in October, despite both being ready to go.

No European date has been confirmed for Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, though Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove is due here in November.

Natsume isn't the only publisher to hold off with 3DS content until sales improve. Earlier this year Sega pushed the release of puzzler Crush3D from September into early 2012 to give the handheld time to build a bigger userbase.

In its defense, the 3DS's recent price cut seems to be doing the business, with Japanese sales rocketing in recent weeks.