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Skull and Bones launch details appear online

X marks the release spot.

Another day, another Ubisoft release date leak. This time, it's details of Skull and Bones' long-awaited launch which have surfaced.

Details dug up from an Xbox store listing point to Skull and Bones having the usual array of pre-order bonuses, as well as premium items for an edition including a soundtrack and artbook.

A release date - 8th November 2022 - was also spied, thanks to regular store watcher Aggiornamenti Lumia, and subsequently verified by serial leaker Tom Henderson.

Skull and Bones footage from 2018.

After a long and protracted development, Ubisoft previously confirmed Skull and Bones would finally launch at some point this year.

In late April, test footage of the game appeared online - which Ubisoft subsequently acknowledged.

Taken from an alpha build of the game, the four-minute tutorial video showed a quick look at how it will play.

"You'll start your journey as an underdog whose goal is to become the most infamous pirate to sail these waters," the video explained.

Pirates-to-be will do that by raising your infamy, achieved through completing contracts, exploring, plundering, and completing treasure hunts. The higher your infamy, the more opportunities available.

As with Sea of Thieves, persistent online multiplayer will keep players on their toes, with others able to battle you and take your dropped treasure.

Ships can be expanded and restocked at ports, where you can also customise your character. Ship battles appear to be a core part of the game, though crew morale will deplete over time via repeated defeats - possibly descending into mutiny.

With the game's release date seemingly revealed, we'd expect to hear more from Ubisoft soon.

Yesterday, a release date for Ubisoft's Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope appeared online, just hours before it was officially confirmed in the latest Nintendo Direct.

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Skull and Bones

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