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Six new games accepted on Steam Greenlight

Game Dev Tycoon and Riot are among them.

As Valve is chopping up its lists of games that get past Greenlight into smaller, more frequent batches, it's announced the latest six titles to make it onto the service.

Chief among them is Greenheartgames' Game Dev Tycoon, a game development simulator now famous for making pirated copies of the game result in players' in-game studios failing due to piracy. Poetic justice, that.

Also making the rounds is The Leonard's Riot, a game about social upheaval. I wrote about it in February and it went on to more than double its Indiegogo campaign goal of $15,000.

Elsewhere, there's Bleed, an action-platformer starring a purple-haired gal who could pass for Ramona Powers' sister; The Legend, a first-person horror game; Stardew Valley, a country-life RPG with up to four-player co-op, and medieval RPG/strategy hybrid Legends of Eisenwald.

No specific release dates for these games have been announced, but expect them to roll out on Steam over the months ahead.

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