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Riot is an upcoming game about social upheaval

Viva la revolution!

Italian indie developer Leonard Menchiari's upcoming mobile sim, Riot, will allow players to reenact rather sobering pixelated renditions of real world events where they'll choose to either lead a group of rebellious citizens or play as the police trying to stop them.

"The main purpose of this project is to create a game that will get people to be interactive with two opposing forces during clashes between rioters and police while showing the moral aspects and viewpoints of both sides," read the description on Riot's Indiegogo page.

Menchiari is looking for $15,000 to fund the game and he noted that the money would be used to fund for software, licenses, help the small staff pay its rent, and interestingly to "hopefully [find] a way to visit and observe the various riots and manifestations happening in our world today."

Those who donate $10 to Riot will receive a copy of the mobile game upon its release along with all its future updates, while $15 pledges will get that as well as the PC or Mac version.

As of now the Indiegogo campaign is at $2,292 towards its $15,000 goal with 25 days to go before its 16th March deadline.

Check out its evocative teaser trailer below.

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