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Simogo reveals seafaring adventure The Sailor's Dream

Come sail away with me.

Year Walk and Device 6 developer Simogo has revealed its next game: an iOS adventure about life at sea called The Sailor's Dream.

Due later this year, The Sailor's Dream is described as "a challenge-free experience in which you explore a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations."

Little is known about its plot, but Simogo's YouTube description noted that it's "a story about the burning desires of three hearts united by the wonderful, but unmerciful ocean."

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Sailor’s Dream - Reveal Trailer

Simogo has had quite the diverse repertoire with its portfolio ranging from plucky twee affairs like Bumpy Road and Beat Sneak Bandit to moody, puzzle-based adventures like the horror story Year Walk and the meta sci-fi tale Device 6. The Sailor's Dream seems more in line with the Swedish developer's later work, only with a softer edge.

For more information on the two-person studio's peculiar evolution, Eurogamer contributor Lee Bradley wrote a profile on Simogo, where it confidently stated, "If we had a mission statement now, it would probably say something like, 'We make what we feel like making.'"