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Sierra founders remaking Colossal Cave Adventure

Ken you believe it.

Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams are reimagining 1970s text adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure.

Remade as Colossal Cave 3D Adventure, the upcoming project will be a first-person 3D adventure game for VR and PC, IGN revealed.

More than 100 environments will feature where you once again have to solve puzzles and hunt for treasure - albeit now with the benefit of being able to see your surroundings.

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The original Colossal Cave Adventure was the work of Will Crowther, and was released in 1976. It was a formative experience for the world of video games that paved the way for future titles such as Zork, Rogue and the Williams' own 1980 game Mystery House.

Ken and Roberta Williams are best known for their work at Sierra On-Line, which the pair founded in 1979. It was there the duo established the popular King's Quest series, as well as other games like Phantasmagoria.

Both had largely retired from video games in recent years, though began work on Colossal Cave 3D Adventure while bored in lockdown.

"I was looking for something interesting to code when Roberta suggested Colossal Cave," Ken Williams said. "Roberta started to work adapting it to 3D, and I assembled a team. As we dug deeper and deeper into the game we discovered layers of complexity that explain why the game became such an industry phenomena.

"It has action elements, humour, a scoring system, adventure elements, interesting characters, a huge world to explore and more. This is truly a game that will delight a new generation, and 100% different than anything I've seen in the market today."

The duo, as part of new team Cygnus Entertainment, aim to release Colossal Cave 3D Adventure for PC and Quest 2 this summer.

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