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Shogun 2 Rise of the Samurai revealed

Total War campaign add-on in September.

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A brand new downloadable Total War: Shogun 2 campaign called Rise of the Samurai will be released in September, Creative Assembly has announced.

The campaign unfolds 400 years before the Shogun 2 story, and follows the Gempei War and the emergence of the samurai as a ruling class in Japan.

In short, there are six new clans to lead, four new heroes, four new agents, 16 new land units, 10 new naval units, 10 new mons and 10 new retainers.

The six clans stem from three Taira, Minamoto and Fujiwara families. The new units include the Tetsubo Warrior Monk with his studded clubs and the female Onna Bushi.

Two of the new agents will be seductive Shirabyoshi and the zealous Junsatsushi Inspectors. Each of the four new agents has their own skill tree.

Creative Assembly will also release a new patch alongside the Rise of the Samurai campaign.

Rise of the Samurai is not a free add-on. Steam has the price at £5.99.

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