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SEGA working on new Shining Force

Classic RPG franchise returns.

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SEGA is working on a new title in its long-running Shining RPG series, creator Tsuyoshi Sawada has revealed.

According to 1Up, Sawada told Famitsu that an announcement was imminent, though didn't provide specific details.

"It's been ten years since the Shining series was re-invented," he commented, referring to 2002 GBA effort Shining Soul, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture.

"Currently, we're preparing a title that sums up the whole series and should provide an answer to users' curiosity. I can't give details yet, but I'd like to reveal it before we go too far into the future."

First popularised on the Mega Drive back in 1992 with Shining Force, the last game in the 28 title-strong franchise to see an English language release was Shining Force EXA on the PlayStation 2 back in 2007.

"Shining is a long-running series, but development work largely stopped on it for a period of time," Sawada explained.

"We redeveloped and resurrected the name as SEGA shifted from hardware to software, and the goal for the games I've worked on is to target a large swathe of the userbase and do something that hasn't been done before with the series. That's still the direction I take today."

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