Shining Force II

Fan-made Shining Force Online enters free beta this week

Shining Force Online, a fan-created MMO based on Sega's classic RPG series, will enter into beta on 28th November.

Released for free via Arcade County, the game re-imagines Sega's franchise in an alternate universe and features a new storyline for its familiar characters.

But the game also includes paid-for extras. Via the Arcade County shop you can purchase the Shining Force Platinum User Upgrade, for "25 Tickets". This costs $23 (about 14.20).

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Earthworm Jim on Virtual Console

Wriggles into view with Shining Force II.

Earthworm Jim and Shining Force II are the only exciting new sights on Nintendo's Virtual Console this morning in Europe, unless you count me, since I was on there for a bit to check. I'm exciting to look at.