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SEGA quiet on Crush ports

Developer hints at other platforms.

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SEGA has turned a blind eye to rumours that PSP game Crush could appear on other consoles, and is sticking to its guns with no comment.

Rumours erupted after a big cheese at developer Zoe Mode (formerly Kuju Brighton) hinted at the possibility of recreating it on different platforms, saying it was "something [it] was thinking about".

"There is no reason why it couldn't be transferred to multiple different platforms especially the Wii, DS and PS2, and this is something we are thinking about. It's something we'd all love to do since there are so many features we didn't get the opportunity to put into this version," Paul Mottram, senior producer at Zoe Mode, told SEGA Nerds website.

"We have a terrific in-game level editor running on the PSP which our designers used to create all the levels in the game. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to get this running on a commercial PSP or implement all the necessary user friendly features we would have needed if it was to be shipped with the game. As you could imagine designing Crush levels can be tricky at times."

Crush is an intriguing platform game for PSP that lets you squash 3D levels into two dimensions, allowing you to clear previously impossibly obstacles. It was released last month and we found it to be a "rare beast deserving of praise for the many things it gets so very, very right". Thank you mister Dan Whitehead.

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