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See what Jak 2 would look like if remade again

Fan video recreates Pumping Station level.

Nearly three years ago Sony released a touched up version of the Jak (& Daxter) trilogy, but now YouTuber Floordan has released a video showing what Naughty Dog's Jak 2: Renegade would look like if it were remade on modern hardware.

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Dubbed Jak 2 Renegade: Reborn, this preview video shows us the game's Pumping Station level. Of course, this is only a fan remake and as such there's no way it will ever be released except as a free prototype, but it's still a nice "what if" video showing us what would happen if Jak 2 went the Resident Evil re-remake route.

A new Jak & Daxter adventure isn't entirely off the table as Naughty Dog was planning to reboot the franchise before the team tasked with it decided to make The Last of Us instead.

Last week we saw another fan recreate the boy's dormitory from Rockstar's Bully. It would seem as if the PS2/Xbox era is having something of a fan renaissance. Maybe remastering games from that era rather than titles from the last few years will become the new trend, eh?