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See how Majora's Mask 3D alters a boss fight

UPDATE: Swimming has changed. Here's how.

UPDATE 27/01/2015 6.49pm: Majora's Mask's third boss isn't the only thing that's changed about Zora Link in this upcoming 3DS remake. The swimming controls for the amphibian hero have been radically altered as well, for better or worse.

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GameXplain has demonstrated the following change in its latest video. You see, in the original N64 game, Zora Link could dash indefinitely while swimming, allowing him to blaze through the sea lickety-split. It was great for large areas like the Great Bay, but not so great for navigating tighter underwater corridors, like the ones found in Great Bay Temple.

The remake slows down Link's dash so he's easier to maneuver around tight corners. Boosting is still an option, but it requires using a magic-consuming shield. Overall, Zora Link appears more focused and dangerous in exchange for zipping about like a dolphin to your heart's content.

ORIGINAL STORY 26/01/2015 9.56pm:Back in November The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask director Eiji Aonuma noted that a boss fight had been changed for the upcoming 3DS remake due 13th February.

Now YouTube channel GameXplain has a video demonstrating said boss fight. It's mildly spoilery, obviously, but it stick to the obvious attacks and doesn't suggest any outside the box strategies.

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Okay, still with me? Yes, Gyorg, the fish boss of the Great Bay Temple, has seen a slight change as the platform in the center of the stage disappears midway through the battle. Aonuma assured players that Nintendo wasn't going to make the game any easier, and this removal of a place to stand above water would certainly suggest that.

On the plus side, the camera seems less ass-backwards than it was in the original release, where falling into the water meant you'd almost certainly be swallowed up upon trying to resurface.

What do you make of this new version of an infamously frustrating fight?