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Scrabble under fire from Daily Mail

For featuring words like **** and ****.

The DS version of popular word game Scrabble has been blamed for turning an eight year-old boy into a foul-mouthed little ****.

As reported by - you'll never guess - the Daily Mail, a woman called Tonya Carrington bought the game for her son Ethan.

She tried it out and was "taken aback" when her computer-controlled opponent spelled out the word "tits".

According to the Mail, the game gave the definition for this word as being "'a garden bird' but also 'an informal word for female breasts'". Other words which popped up included "toke" and "sh**".

The computer opponent also played the word 'f***ers' ("'a slang word for chavs'", apparently). "As if that wasn't bad enough," reads the article, "It received a triple score and won the game for the character, whose name was Camilla."

Carrington said she bought the game from Asda, "in a two-for-£25 deal", in a bid to improve her son's English skills. It carries a 3+ age rating but there are no warnings on the box about adult language, which really ****s Carrington off.

She's now banned Ethan from playing the game. "Nintendo is on the Christmas wish-list of every kid, and parents need to be warned," Carrington said.

"I love Scrabble," said Ethan, who definitely wouldn't rather play Mario Kart or a game where you shoot things, "So I was really disappointed when Mum told me I couldn't play it on the DS because of the rude words." Poor little ****er.

A Ubisoft representative told the Mail the game has a Junior setting which prevents any rude words from popping up. But according to Carrington, that's ********: "I read the booklet that came with it, and there was no mention of a junior version," she said.

"It should be made much clearer." Too ****ing right.

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