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Say hello to Eurogamer's new comments moderator!

It's Felisha Dela Cruz!

I'm delighted to announce that Felisha Dela Cruz has joined the team as a comments moderator.

Felisha is part of our parent company RELX's marketing department that is based in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and is moderating comments on Eurogamer as well as our sister sites Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247 and Dicebreaker.

So, a little bit about Felisha. I asked her about her interests and here's what she had to say:

"I'm a plant mom, but I'm just taking care of succulents cos they don't need to be watered that often.

"I like K-Pop, and have been a long-time fan of SHINee for almost 12 years now. I also like listening to indie, lo-fi, and ballad music.

"When it comes to video games, I'm obsessed with simulation games - The Sims, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Planet Coaster, Truck Simulator, Cooking Simulator. I enjoy watching a lot of playthrough videos since I get to play vicariously from other people. I can't for the love of me get past a single boss level."

Felisha's arrival coincides with an updated Code of Conduct for Eurogamer, which I encourage you all to read. I'm going to quote the beginning part of our new community guidelines here:

"Our goal at Eurogamer is to offer a space where it's fun and interesting to talk about video games and all the issues that surround them. We want to create an inclusive, respectful community that's a pleasure to be a part of. We want to foster conversations that are informative and entertaining.

"These guidelines exist to help everyone in the community - users, moderators and staff - achieve that goal.

"That means that we don't offer a space where you can say whatever you like. There are guidelines for good conduct here, and we employ moderators to enforce them. If your comment isn't helping the conversation, it will be deleted and your account may be banned."

Felisha is already popping into our comments to help keep us on the straight and narrow with the username 'Eyeof5elene', but expect to see her presence there grow over time. I'd also like to highlight the fantastic and valued work our volunteer moderators have done and continue to do for Eurogamer. Our wonderful community wouldn't be where it is today without the help of the likes of MrTom, UncleLou, and pr0dge. Thank you so much!

Please join me in saying a big Eurogamer hello to Felisha!

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