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Save big on PC games with Green Man Gaming's Black Friday sale

Jumping the gun.

Retailers everywhere have been teasing out a handful of early deals ahead of Black Friday 2022, especially on gaming products. However, Green Man Gaming have decided to offer their goods at Black Friday prices earlier than most with a huge sale.

One deal that caught our eye was for Red Dead Redemption 2 (via Epic Store key) which is reduced to just £16.33/$17.82. The Ultimate Edition is also on sale for just £21.60/$27. This is an awful lot of game for such a low price, unsurprising given Rockstar's attention to detail and providing value.

But it's not just games that are a couple of years old on sale. Rebellion's excellent Sniper Elite 5 is available for Steam for just £26.99/$29.59. It'll scratch the itch for any fans of stealth games. And Gearbox's Borderlands spin-off, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is down to just £23.92/$27. But if you really are missing Borderlands, the recent New Tales from the Borderlands is nearly half price at just £18.26/$21.59.

There's also big reductions on games that should reside in every respectable gamer's digital library. Civilisation VI is a complete bargain, available for just £4.35/$5.40 on Steam. And Supermassive's horror narrative The Quarry is over half price at £23.92/$27.

Here are some of the best deals right now at Green Man Gaming's Black Friday sale.

With so many Black Friday offers arriving early this year, check out our early deals guide to see what else catches your eye. And there's always our Jelly Deals Twitter where we share offers throughout the day on games and accessories.

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