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Save £100 on this PS5-focused 27-inch Sony Inzone M9 from Amazon

Unlock features like 4K res, 144Hz refresh rate and VRR with this PS5-themed monitor.

We’re coming to the end of day two of Black Friday 2022 here, but there’s of course not only deals leftover from yesterday, but also more arising from the shadows. With Cyber Monday just around the corner too, there’s bound to be even more to cover, but for now we have some respite and you can too thanks to this deal we’ve spotted on Amazon.

Right now you can pick up the Sony Inzone M9 for just £899, a £100 decrease from its usual asking price, rather good for a monitor that’s only been out for just over three months.



When it comes to the specs of this monitor, it’s a relatively compact size of 27-inches, making it a nice choice for when you’re sat closer to the screen whilst gaming.

Speaking of, in regards to its performance with games, you’re getting quite a good range of options here thanks to both its resolution of up to 4K and refresh rate of 144Hz. Not only does that give you a good range of options for tweaking graphical settings and output primarily with PC games, but the visual experience of console gaming will see notable improvements too.

This is particularly true in regards to the PS5 which this monitor has been designed in mind for – I mean just look at its white and black aesthetic, it practically mimics the Japanese giant’s latest console! More importantly, it has access to features specific to the PS5 such as auto HDR tone mapping that'll make key details stand out in high-contrast scenes, as well as selectable modes based on whether you're watching a film or playing a game.

The rear side of the Sony Inzone M9.

In addition to all this, the monitor is complete with VRR support using Nvidia G-Sync thanks to its HDMI 2.1 ports – this will allow you to mitigate stuttering and tearing issues across all supported platforms, leading to overall better and more consistent performance. On top of that, it also has a response time of 1ms, making it incredibly responsive – a key element for fast-paced or competitive games, but just a nice feature to have in general.

All-in-all, it’s a monitor that could easily improve your gaming experience on PS5 and is one well worth checking out. Considering its recent release date in August and the price it’s at now, it’s possible it’ll go back up, so you might want to look at scooping this one up before its price increases.

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