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Save 10 per cent on these top LG TVs, including the C1 and C2 models

Great for 4K gaming.

LG are known as one of the premier brands when it comes to TVs, especially those with rich colours and fast response times that are ideal for today's visual gaming treats.

Right now, John Lewis is offering a 10 per cent discount on a range of LG TVs. All you have to do is be a My John Lewis member (a free membership and loyalty scheme they offer with exclusive discounts), and enter the code 'MYJLLG10' at checkout once you have your TV of choice in your basket.

The items that immediately caught our eyes were the LG C2 OLED models, available in either a 48-inch size or the bigger 55-inch display. The current offer would save you over £100 on each of those purchases, a significant saving for a brand new TV.

Our friend, Will Judd, over at Digital Foundry still highly recommends last year's model, the LG C1, over the LG C2 due to its 120Hz BFI mode. The 2021 model is not only an incredible 4K TV, but it will save you even more money- plus the 'MYJLLG10' code works on these, too! Prices start from £854.10 for the 48-inch variant and you can get the 55-inch size for under a grand - £989.10 to be precise.

The advantage of an OLED TV is the greater colour saturation, making the picture much more immersive and richer, something that's very hard to replicate with an LCD TV. And they're also packed with ease-of-use features too as they're smart TVs. That means there's Wi-Fi with video apps (such as Netflix and YouTube) immediately available at your fingertips, as well as Google Assistant and Alexa built in.

If your budget is more constrained, you'll find it hard to beat this 55-inch LCD TV that's available for £399.99. It has similar smart functionality built in, as well as features such as HDR and an AI-powered audio system, ensuring you still get a great TV viewing experience. The full range is available here.

The only thing missing from all of this are the games! With Prime Day arriving next week, we've compiled some of the best, early gaming deals you can currently bag right now from Amazon. But follow us on Twitter via Jelly Deals to keep up with discounts as soon as they arrive, on both games and accessories across all platforms.

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