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Samba de Amigo is back and maraca-ing onto Switch this summer

Shake it.

Samba de Amigo - Sega's rhythm-action classic - is making a return, arriving on Switch in a flurry of musical maraca-shaking this summer.

Samba de Amigo: Party Central, as this new version will be known, takes the exuberant rhythm-action of the Dreamcast original - where the aim is essentially to orientate your maraca-ing arms into position according to the game's whims then rhythmically shake to the music like you've never shaken before - but slings in a bunch of new mini-game-like interludes as songs progress.

40 songs are promised, spanning a variety of genres, as are a bunch of cosmetics to customise your simian avatars. Additionally, Love Checker mode is back, testing your compatibility with a second player based on the accuracy of your limb-flailing, and there's online multiplayer in World Party mode, where the goal is to keep the beat and avoid being eliminated.

Cover image for YouTube videoSamba de Amigo: Party Central - Nintendo Direct 2.8.2023
Samba de Amigo: Party Central trailer.

Samba de Amigo has never really found the hardware to do its unique rhythm-action set-up justice beyond the original arcade and Dreamcast release, so it'll be interesting to see how Switch's Joy-Cons fare in the role of imaginary maracas.

All will be revealed when Samba de Amigo: Party Central launches for Switch this "summer".