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Salt and Sanctuary arrives on Vita next week

Savour it.

2D Dark Souls-like Salt and Sanctuary is coming to Vita on 28th March, developer Ska Studios has announced.

This handheld version of the game is a Cross-Buy affair, so those who own the game on PS4 will automatically receive the Vita version at no additional charge.

The Salt and Sanctuary Vita port was developed by Sickhead Games, the studio responsible for bringing Stardew Valley to consoles and TowerFall Ascension to Vita.

Ska Studios was initially aiming to launch the Vita version of Salt and Sanctuary alongside the PS4 release, but that didn't happen as the project got more ambitious than the two-person studio anticipated. Last summer the developer spoke out about the toxic reaction some were having to the Vita version's delay.

Cover image for YouTube videoSalt and Sanctuary - Currents Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

I really enjoyed Salt and Sanctuary upon its PS4 launch last year. "it's very obviously a fan-made tribute act, but what a tribute act it is," I said of the gothic adventure in our Salt and Sanctuary review.