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Rush 'n Attack this week's XBLA

Xevious will be pleased.

Microsoft has revealed that Rush 'n Attack and Xevious will be this Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade offerings.

Rush 'n Attack, better know to many as Green Beret, is a 2D side scroller from Konami that challenges you with freeing prisoners of war from four stages, each more difficult than the other. You'll be able to tackle it alone or cooperatively with a friend, using your trusty knife and an explosive selection of gunnery. The Speccy version was brilliant in its day, eh old 'uns?

Xevious, on the other hand, is a vertical scrolling shooter from Namco that pits you up against the Andor Genesis mother ship and supercomputer GAMP. An arcade gem in its day (some 25 years ago now) you can be certain that it will be a faithful recreation.

Both games have been given the 2007 heave-ho, gaining the usual HD treatment, leaderboard integration, and the all important 200 achievement points. Both games will be available for 400 Microsoft Points, which translates to 3.40 of Her Majesty's gold, or 4.80 in Euro pop.