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Nintendo eShop update - 21/07/11

3D Classics Xevious! Game & Watch!

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Classic top-down shooter Xevious headlines this week's platter of downloadable releases from Nintendo.

The version being released for Nintendo 3DS is a buffed up port of the original, as part of the handheld's 3D Classics range.

Need more Nintendo nostalgia? 3DS Virtual Console release Game & Watch Gallery offers four faithful recreations of Game & Watch games - Manhole, Octopus, Fire and Oil Panic.

Mario-themed monochrome re-makes of the four are also included to help sweeten the deal, each with re-jigged gameplay and new whizzy Game Boy sprite graphics.

Xevious is the second 3D Classics release after NES racer Excitebike. Aren't all these re-makes a bit lazy? Not so says series director Takao Nakano: converting 3D Classics takes "20 times the work" of a simple port.

Four more unannounced 3D Classics games are still on the way.

Nintendo eShop releases - 21/07/11

  • 3D Classics Xevious (Nintendo) - 3DS, €6
  • Game & Watch Gallery (Nintendo) - 3DS, €3
  • 99Bullets (EnjoyUp Games) - DSiWare, €5 or 500 DSi Points
  • AfterZoom (Abylight) - DSiWare, €5 or 500 DSi Points
  • Jagged Alliance (Cypronia) - DSiWare, €5 or 500 DSi Points
A Japanese chap enjoys Xevious on 3DS.

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