Rush 'n Attack

Rush 'n Attack

Rush 'n Attack

Or Green Beret as normal people call it.

What kind of rubbish name for a game is "Rush 'n Attack" anyway? Released at the height of the media's obsession with the Cold War threat of global thermonuclear war in 1985, such titles made teenage boys giggle. The rest of us just simply preferred Green Beret - the name it was released under in certain other parts of the world. Far more dignified, in a fairly oblique kind of way.

In Europe, at least, the game was hugely popular thanks to the splendid home conversions released by Ocean's Imagine label - especially the Spectrum version, and for many, the game's arrival on Xbox Live Arcade will give them the chance to play the arcade version for the first time.

As ever, the game is a simple side-scrolling 2D platformer, where you must guide a US spec ops soldier from left to right and kill everyone who dares to get in your way. The premise is, predictably, that you've stormed a Soviet military complex in order to rescue the POWs - but don't let that get in your way. This is storming, relentless, old fashioned platform-combat fodder that was hugely fashionable at the time, and now long since forgotten.

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